Recordings by The DBQ and BBQ

Dan Brubeck Quartet

The exciting new release from the Dan Brubeck Quartet.


The Dan Brubeck Quartet

Celebrating the Music and Lyrics of Dave and Iola Brubeck

Blue Forest Records, 2015

Includes 10 songs by Dave Brubeck with little-known lyrics by Iola Brubeck. The DBQ delivers the impeccable Brubeck excitement and quality  and a powerhouse vocal performance by Adam Thomas. Two CDs and 28 pages of liner notes: see New Release for more detail.

Brubeck Brothers Quartet

The Brubeck Brothers Quartet has produced four highly successful CD’s featuring Dan on drums and his brother Chris Brubeck on bass and trombone. Lifetimes, Second Nature, Intuition (featuring Talor Eigsti),and Classified. All received rave reviews. Intuition and Classified were at the top of the Jazz charts in 2006 and 2008 and in heavy rotation for many months. Lifetimes, released in 2012, reached #3 on the jazz charts and was the seventh most played CD in 2012 (Jazzweek).


The Brubeck Brothers Quartet


Blue Forest Records, 2018

TimeLine celebrates Dave Brubeck's Historic 1958 State Department Tour, and includes tunes written by Dave inspired by that tour, freshly re-arranged by the BBQ, as well as new compelling compositions by Chris, Chuck & Mike.


The Brubeck Brothers Quartet


Blue Forest Records, 2012

New spins on old Dave Brubeck chestnuts. Lifetimes was the 7th most played CD on jazz radio, reaching #3 on the charts and appearing on multiple 10 best albums lists of 2012.




The Brubeck Brothers Quartet


Koch International Classics, 2008

“Once again the BBQ attains that rarefied level where music is both relaxed and expressive, and their joy in its creation is contagious. There's really nothing out there that comes close to their unique brand of inventiveness.” Dr. Judith Schlesinger, All About Jazz



The Brubeck Brothers Quartet


Koch International Classics, 2006

“The sons of pianist Dave Brubeck join pianist Taylor Eigsti and guitarist Mike DeMicco to make what is, measure for measure, one of the harder-swinging sets of the year.” Philadelphia Inquirer

“This is superbly executed post-bop jazz that also makes room for some funk, second-line and crossover-pop elements.” All Music Guide


The Brubeck Brothers Quartet

Second Nature

Blue Forest Records, 2001







The Brubeck Brothers

Trio Brubeck

Music Masters Jazz, 1993